In the case that a written exam is not possible, an alternate method of taking the DEMO 4 Professional is available in the form of an oral exam. For this oral exam the candidate is required to make a DEMO model of their own situation.

This model needs to comply with the following requirements:

40 points will be given for the description of the As-Is situation of the organisation chosen by the candidate. This description consists of:

A description of the casus in a maximum of 500 words.

  • CM: one OCD (en associated CSD and TPT) (with a minimal amount of 4 and a maximum of 7 transactions)
  • PM: every non-trivial PSD. This means a PSD for every actor role dat is executor once and initiator atleast once.
  • FM: An OFD with all the relevant Entity types, Attribute types, property types and transaction products.
  • AM: An ARS of the request and declare transaction step of atleast one relevant transaction. This is to be saved as a note in the PSD (This does not count towards the word limit).

The models should be self-explanatory. Further reasoning about model choice is limited to a total of 250 words

10 points are awarded when explaining why you have chosen this model, and for answering the questions of the examiners.

20 points can be obtained by making the models of the As-Is situation for the To-Be situation. These models should also be self-explanatory. An explaination about choice of models is limited to a total of 250 words.

20 points can be obtained by explaining how the models of the To-Be situation have been created and why these have been chosen. This questions concern, but are not limited to, durability of the model, the impact on the organisation and different implementations that could have been considered.

During the oral exam, theory questions about the As-Is or To-Be models can be asked. These questions can award a total of 10 points.

Papers may contain a maximum of 1000 words

The model needs to be delivered as an EAPX file (Sparx Enterprise Architect/Plena).